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Bharti Sudan, CPA

Our Tax Place is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm located in Diamond Bar. We specialize in full-service tax accounting and business consulting, ensuring that your financial needs are met with accuracy and expertise. Leave the time-consuming task of bookkeeping to our professionals and focus on generating more profit for your small business. Contact us now to save both time and money.  

Bharti Sudan, CPA, has 28 years of extensive training in Accounting, Auditing, Tax Preparation, and Tax Planning and has been practicing for over 19 years specializing in small business.

CPA Diamond Bar CA

Bharti Sudan CPA

CPA Diamond Bar
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CPA Diamond Bar | CPA Rancho Cucamonga

We are a Southern California CPA firm founded in 1997, a well-respected, proactive, accomplished business adviser located in CPA Diamond Bar, CA, offering a full range of CPA services, which include Accounting, Auditing, Bookkeeping, and Payroll for small businesses—tax services for individuals that are demanded by today’s economy.

Cash Flow Reports

First, you have to remember that you are on the accrual basis for financial and tax reporting purposes. That means you record your sales income when the widget goes out the door, not when you receive the cash. If you buy inventory, you get to show it as an asset, but if you pay…


Our accounting services can include everything from data entry to bank account & credit card reconciliation – we can even manage your bill pay & payroll. You can rely on timely and accurate accounting information and always know where your business stands…


When it comes to gross margins and the American economy, they vary widely throughout their industries. When New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business recently compiled gross margin statistics for January 2019, they found the low…

Bring Your Financial Business To Us

I hope you’ll forgive me for being blunt. I am Bharti Sudan, a CPA, and I realize you may not be used to seeing a professional tax talk like this. It’s not my intention to offend (I’m cautious with my words–I am a tax professional, after all). But I think you’ll agree that the times we face require a little straight talk.

Here’s a certain truth: the State and Federal Governments would love to have more of your hard-earned money in their accounts. Sure, even though it’s painful, none of us begrudge paying our legal and fair share of taxes. 

But the problem is that regular taxpayers, like you, are missing out on legal and safe deductions, to the tune of millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds every year!

As a tax professional, it truly breaks my heart, knowing that just a few thousand, or even a few hundred bucks for us “regular guys” out of that vast pool of overcharging could make a world of difference–and they are just sitting there, unclaimed! And with the economy we’re facing now… the “right” professional must handle your taxes and other financial matters.

You see, all tax professionals are not the same. From the “discount” chains (notice the quotes) to classic accounting firms, most fly through tax season in a disorganized mess–bleary-eyed and hopped-up on caffeine. It’s no wonder that they treat you like a number and lapse into excuses and tax-talk. (I told you that I would be blunt.)

Our Services

65+ finance services

A detailed listing of the services we provide is set out below. Take a look at what we have to offer and how we can help you or your business.

Audit of Financial Statements

Government Entities, Stockholders, Creditors, and Private Investors often need assurance that the financial statements accurately represent a company’s true financial position, CPA Diamond Bar CA…

Controller Services

Managing your business’s financial aspects, no matter the size, is a difficult and detail-oriented process, requiring a chief financial officer’s dedicated services. However, employing a CFO ..

Internal Control Policies and Procedures

One of the most overlooked aspects of running a business is the establishment of internal controls and policies to ensure that things are run smoothly and efficiently and that protections of your resources are put in place.  

IRS Resolution

We are here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the misery that the IRS can put you through. We pride ourselves on being very efficient, affordable, and, of course, extremely discrete.



QuickBooks offers a number of highly valuable features for small and mid-sized companies, including the ability to send out invoices, scan receipts, track sales revenues and organize your expenses in a way that allows you to stay informed easily.

Review of Financial Statements

The successful small business owner knows to spend more time on work means generating more profit. Leave the tedious, time-consuming job of bookkeeping to the professionals! Tax Place Diamond Bar CA…

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